21 Pick Up Lines for Harvest Season

Pick up lines to help you harvest all of fall’s bounty.

1. Will you hand press my cider?

2. In a perfect world we’d be pulling tubers together everyday.

3. I’d love to frolic in a pumpkin patch with you.

4. Mmmmm… you smell like a cinnamon stick.

5. Is it time to till your soil yet?

6. I’d love to be kept in your pumpkin shell.

7. Your skin is as smooth as a butternut squash.

8. Mums the word on this little intimate soirée.

9. I worked hard to get my garden this bountiful.

10. Did you say maize? I thought you said lays.

21 Pick Up Lines for Harvest Season

11. What’s your favorite thing to do with leftover pumpkin pulp?

12. Come canning with me. You won’t regret it.

13. Let’s reap the autumn bounty together.

14. You’re tastier than the best organic pumpkin pie.

15. Everything’s just so ripe right now…

16. I’d like to plan a full moon harvest festival with you.

17. Would you like to see my full grown winter squash I planted earlier this year?

18. Let’s get barefoot and stomp grapes together.

19. Gourds can be so long and ridged.

20. I don’t eat my pumpkin out of a can, and I don’t like a man who doesn’t know his way around the field.

21. I’d like to root your vegetables.

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  1. Daniel

    I’ll never look at squash the same way again.

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