20 Other Things the $20 Million Soylent Investment Could Have Been Used For

Unless you somehow missed what Soylent is, it’s an attempt at providing people with all the nutritional elements that a healthy diet would give them in one single drink.

The brainchild behind it is a 20-something tech guy named Rob Rhinehart, who we can only assume was so busy coding that he was annoyed at the idea of having to waste time on cooking and eating. Wouldn’t it just be better if you could drink a smoothie and call it a day?

The tech world has followed suite, and Rhinehart has charmed enough people that he has managed to get a heavy amount of investment in his product. Just last week it was announced that he had secured an additional $20 million in funding.

$20 million.

In a food replacement product.

Here are 20 other things that the $20 million could have been spent on, all that have nothing to do with food replacement, and good ol’ real food instead:

1. School garden programs.

2. Farmers market matching programs, where people using food stamps to buy fresh produce double the amount they have to shop with.

3. An anti-McDonald’s advertising campaign.

4. Supporting independent food journalism.

5. Food hubs that help serve as a link between regional and small-scale farmers and the retail sector.

6. Seed banks, to help protect biodiversity and our food system.

7. An anti Monsanto campaign.

8. Figuring out how to get fresh produce sold at every single gas station in America.

9. Start-up capital for zero waste restaurants.

10. Rooftop gardens.

11. Funding every single project on FarmRaiser.

12. Cooking classes for schools.

13. Community gardening programs.

14. A couple of food documentaries.

15. Food banks.

16. Urban farms.

17. Saving honey bees.

18. Eliminating the high fructose syrup industry.

19. Research about the link between cancer and pesticides.

20. Municipal composting programs.

Originally published on EcoSalon

Image: Dennis van Zuijlekom

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  1. ellen sue jacobson

    I heartily agree!!!

  2. Vinny

    Why the hate?
    It seems to me that you just hate anything different. Some people just hate eating. It’s ok to disagree, but there is more than 20 million dollars being wasted on things like the new flavor of Doritos and how to make a better super bowl commercial for Soda. Go pick on them. I have tries Soylent…it’s not quite for me…but I for one applaude their efforts. And one day, when a tornado hits a town, Rob is going to pull up a truck and feed everyone for half the price of your crunchy granola…

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