12 Food Gifts That Don’t Suck

Are you over seeing holiday gift round-ups? Me too.

“Then why the hell are you making one yourself?” you ask.

Because after seeing a multitude of lists with kitchen gadgets that quite literally nobody needs, it’s time for a collection of things that are interesting, inspiring and actually useful.

Really at this time of year we should be thinking about not consuming – seriously, just host a really awesome dinner instead – but if you can’t pull yourself away from gift giving, consider this your official guide to all awesome things that a food lover would be more than happy to receive.

1. Stainless Steel Growler Fit for Your Bicycle (pictured above)

Support local breweries and ride your bike AND be eco-friendly by using a reusable product. Hello stainless steel growler and accompanying bike mount. Won’t you be looking good as you ride around with this thing to get it filled up with your favorite craft brew?

2. The Oyster Pack

A signed copy of Shucked complete with oyster gloves and a knife for shucking? Um, hello Food 52, you just nailed it in the rad gift category. When I read Shucked it changed my life. Well, no, not really. If it had, I would be an oyster farmer. But it’s a wonderful book about switching up your daily routine and learning a craft from the inside out. And if you didn’t realize how amazing oysters are, you will after you read this book.

3. Wood Sunglasses Made from Wine Barrels

Wine Wayfarers? Yes, please. Made with recycled oak wine barrels, these Wayfarers by Woodzee are my new definition of cool.

4. Farmers Market Recipe Greeting Cards

I have always held that every farmers market stand should have cards with recipes on them. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do with some of the produce, or if you do, you’re bored with the recipes. These cards by Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress are here to help, with fun letter-pressed recipes for beets, corn, tomatoes and more.

5. A Subscription to an Awesome Food Magazine

Here are some recommended publications that you really should subscribe to immediately:

Modern Farmer – Because it’s time you got back to the land. And they love goats.

Cherry Bombe – A biannual magazine celebrating women and food. In other words: for badass ladies that love eating, cooking and everything in between.

Middlewest – A modern food magazine that’s unbound, which means each page is essentially a recipe card.

Fool – It’s published in Sweden, what more do you need to know?

6. An Antelope Coffee Mug

This antelope would be smiling at you every single morning, wouldn’t that just brighten your day? Plus it’s handmade by my good friend Laura Cooke.

7. Titanium French Press

Here is a fact: coffee tastes better when you drink it outside. True story. So get this and make it a New Years Resolution for 2014 to spend more time outdoors, and eating outdoors for that matter.

8. Coffee Scoop

Yes, we’re on a coffee theme here. But now you have your coffee scoop and it holds the bag shut! It’s Scandinavian, of course.

9. A Striped Apron 

Handmade in Los Angeles, this apron is the real deal. Better yet, it’s paired with a 7″ vinyl and recipe cards from the lovely food blog Turntable Kitchen.

10. The Take Out Basket

As Portland Design Works says, this sexy basket conveniently carries a six pack of bottles or five burritos. For all your two-wheeled food needs.

11. Bee’s Wrap

Wait, what? Yes, that’s right: Bee’s Wrap. A crazy product made from organic cotton muslin and beeswax and is reusable which means you never need to use evil plastic wrap ever again.

12. The Culinary Cyclist Cookbook

Yes, yes, the best gift of all…. snag 3 copies for $20 thanks to the special holiday deal.

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