10 Reasons That Food and Bikes Go Together

Sometimes I get asked why food and bikes together so well. It’s a good question. Why do we love food carts that are pedal powered? Why does it seem that in front of any good coffee shop there’s ample bike parking? Why is it that a wine tour sounds great, but a wine tour by bicycle sounds even better?

Those type of questions are one of the reasons I wrote The Culinary Cyclist: there is something pure and simple about both cycling and eating. Ultimately, they both bring a lot of happiness.

So why food and bikes? If you’re not part of the converted yet, here are 10 good reasons.

1. There’s nothing better than biking to a picnic with all supplies stuffed in your backpack or bike basket.

2. Coffee is always more delicious after a brisk morning ride.

3. That feeling when you’ve eaten a long meal with friends, made it through several bottles of good wine, and have your ride home to breath in the fresh air and contemplate it all.

4. Leafy greens look better sticking out of a bike basket.

5. Because, who wants to drive to farmers market?

6. Impromptu beer stops on the commute home.

7. Just like four wheeled automobiles, you can use a bike to transport, sell and collect food, it just happens to be a lot cooler.

8. You feel better about yourself if you biked over your homemade chocolate cake for that dinner party.

9. Voting with our forks and choosing two wheels over four can both have a pretty big global impact.

10. Biking makes you friends. So does sharing a meal. Don’t we all want to build bigger, stronger communities?

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  1. Opus the Poet

    You left off the best reason, riding bikes burns a heckuva lot of Calories! On days I don’t ride I only need to consume about 1800 Calories to not feel hungry, but on days I ride 5 or more miles I generally consume anywhere from 3500 to more than 4400 (I got scared counting the Calories I consumed on my second consecutive 100 mile day and stopped at 4400 which was a mid-afternoon snack).

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